Change/Turn off Mod Note MIDI Channel?

After updating my Mono MK1 to firmware v2, it not only responds to MIDI channel 5 (that I set with MIDI/Clock and the Step Buttons), but also plays Mod Notes on channel 2 and some non-editable sine wave on channel 3 that isn’t even displayed in the interface … while Mod Notes cause some LED reaction, channel 3 doesn’t cause any LED flashes.

How can I turn Mod Notes on channel 2 off - In the MK2 manual it says use “MIDI Clock and Page”, but that does not work with the MK1. And is there a way to turn that 2nd channel 3 MIDI off? What does it eben do?

Same problem here, here IS m’y post in another thread. Channel 2 for mod note Can be modified, i got no answer about Channel 3 and basic patch being played.


I just moved from V1 to the V2.01 firmware and the synth respond to several midi channels simultaneously.

from controler’s channel 1 → Channel 1 is set up and it’s ok
from controler’s channel 2 → the Mod note are played, I managed to change the mod note midi channel. Post 13 here Mono V2 beta patch note - #13 by Mathieu
from controler’s channel 3 → the basic patch sound is played, I can’t change it that’s my problem.
Thanks for your help

I did a workaround by blocking channels 2-3 on my MioXL MIDI hub for the Norand output. But a) I would like to see a “proper” solution by Mathieu, probably b) using NPRN with MSB & LSB instead of demanding 3 different channels (I’m running out of MIDI channels, they’re a rare and valuable thing).