Norand Mono mk2 freezing!

Absolutely loving the mk2 so far! But it’s frozen twice on me already while I’m recording automation and motion recording! Anyone else dealing with freezes yet?

Frozen 3 times now…froze when I tried to morph patterns :open_mouth:

Ok I think it’s because I wasn’t using a strong enough USB C Cable! Since switching I haven’t had any freezes so far!

EDIT: Ok had another. Machine is amazing, but freezing a ton. Jury is out. If it runs smoothly though, this thing is an absolute home run. Innovative and sounds incredible.

It seems to be ok now that I’m using the power supply and usb c that was provided.

I was using a MacBook brick and usb c cable but I guess it has to be the specific one provided!

Hi @ddiamond84,

There are indeed a few situation that causes MK2 to crash (automation recording and morphing). It is very hard to pinpoint exactly what, but we are working on it. We’d greatly appreciate if you could send us an email with more details of the situation when that happened !

Thank you very much,

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I’ve had freezes with my Mk2. I think always during automation recording in a very busy pattern

Mine have been some random moments that I can’t remember. One of them was when I tried to sweep a lot of notes to delete at once. One time was automation in a busy pattern. I think once was in the curve automation and one was in morph mode.

I’ll try to document more if I experience them!

Just got mine today and it’s froze a couple of times already when morphing, also I’ve noticed when selecting new pattern it’s quiet and the master volume has to be turned up.
I understand it’s early days in the firmware I’ll just keep looking out for updates.

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It’s now actually froze another 3 times just twisting nobs , it seems quite buggy

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Yeah I’m gonna have to return it. Absolutely love it but for now I’ll just stick with the mk1. If they fix the bugs I’ll buy it again in a heartbeat.

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I think just give it time let Norand fix the freezing issue, it’s an amazing synth just a few problems to iron out

Hi everyone !

We have found multiple serious source of freezes (automation recording, morphing and copy/paste) and patched it, and solved dozens of more or less intrusive bugs.

Please download 1.0.1r here :
Firmware 1.0.1r

Sorry for this bumpy start ! In case any of you encounter freezes with this updated version, please let us now directly via our email, your feedback is very important to us :slight_smile:

Now back to the manual rewrite, which should be ready by Monday !



Very excited to try this! I really don’t want to return mine :slight_smile:

Just updated and it’s running like a dream, no issues currently, such an amazing machine :+1:

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Update : While stress testing today I have found a nasty heap overflow issue that can happen on large heavily automated patterns, 1.0.2 coming up tomorrow :slight_smile:


Yes, WAY better now! I’m keeping it! Thank you Mathieu for the quick updates!

Delete + record doesn’t seem to initialize the sound anymore, unless I’m doing something wrong.

Now it is working inconsistently…hmmm…

Also got another crash in this new firmware…but tomorrow’s firmware might fix that. And it still feels a lot more stable.

mine crashed when using the curve mode…

any else had the same problem???

i might be doing something wrong btw as the curve function is new but it freezes and needs switching off and on again each time