Trying to find MK2 manual?

Just got the MK2 and I didn’t see the manual posted yet (I can use the firmware 2.0 notes and get most of the flow for now). I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing it somewhere? Should be here: Norand

Just got my Mk2 and had the same problem/confusion.

Also, is there a place on the site where one should register a serial number?

I think this is the page we need: Norand Which may be what you are working from … it’s a little confusing

Yeah there is enough overlap that this has gotten me going. I still would need to see how the new functionality works (like the morph buttons, and the “unlink” and “to xmod” functionality). Heck, an online video showing this stuff in action would be helpful too

The mk2 manual page is populated now.

But obviously a “work in progress” and almost the same as the other page we’ve been visiting. There is a PDF that reproduces the booklet that’s in the Mk2 box, which is useful to have.

It seems really weird that there is no manual yet.

Perhaps an ETA on when that is coming?

No manual means you may be flooded with tons of questions once the product reaches consumers.

I am not smart enough to figure this machine out on my own.

At the top of the (current) manual it says it will be updated by end of September…

A lot of the workflow is similar to the MK1 so you can at least learn the basics for now

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There is something funny happening on the website. I send a MK2 manual link to my studio mate, he clicked it and it opened to MK1 manual. So weird.

There is definitely a MK2 manual which shows the MK2 hardware. I also was able to get it to sync to USB MIDI clock but the manual is wrong. SEQ 2 is USB sync. So, even if you find the manual, some details might be out of date or inaccurate.

For reference here is the link -

At this time there doesn’t yet appear to be an obvious link on the website, it seems to be just one big cut-n-paste on a single webpage and there isn’t a downloadable version.

The website is really quite haphazard according to my poor brain. Would be nice if some effort was made to clean it all up in a logical manner.

There is a downloadable version! Right on top of the page is a download PDF button. For both MK1 and MK2

MK2 - Norand
MK2 - PDF is at the top of the main manual page also here: