Question about Live Mode (mk2)

Since I am new to the Norand way of doing things, one thing has puzzled me from the get-go.
Am I to assume that the existence of a “Live Mode” means that in normal operation, any changes I make to a patch or pattern will be recorded or forever altered even if I don’t hit Save?
I mean, so far this seems to be the case, but I can’t tell if my patches changing by themselves is a result of incomplete firmware or my own ignorance.
I ask because this runs contrary to how most of my other programmable synths work, i.e., even if I make a change to a patch, it will revert back to its saved state if I switch to another patch.
In other words, shouldn’t “Live Mode” be the default behavior?
Can someone here explain like I’m 5? :smiley:

You are correct. If you are not in live mode, any changes will instantly be written to the session.

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