Program change Mono MK2

Hello, the user manual states that you can control the patterns (0 - 64) but how do you activate or desactivate the program change? Is there a particular CC? I don’t see it


Programme Change is MIDI message specific to programme changing and does not have its own number.

How and whether a programme change can be sent will depend on what device you are sending programme change from.

If you know a device can receive a pgm change then the next step is to look to the manual of the device that you are are sending from to work out how to do it.

Typically you might choose PGM Change instead of one of CC 1-127 from a paramer list and then send a number 1-64 with that to switch the corresponding patterns on the Mono.

A bit like you might choose CC 74 to address filter cutoff (for example) and with that send a value of 127 to ope the filter fully.

Hope this helps.