Problem receiving MIDI notes on Mono MK2

I’m having trouble getting the Mono MK2 to receive MIDI notes from DAW or from an external keyboard. I can get the Mono to receive clock info from DAW but cannot receive notes.

Is there anything I can do to get this to work? I’m running the latest firmware.

Have you tried checking MIDI channels to be sure there’s a match?

I’ve selected the MIDI to be sent on channel 1 on Logic and selected Func+Midi+Seq1 on the Mono. How do I check if there’s a match?

Sounds like that should be it. Do you have another external synth to confirm if notes are being sent from the DAW? The clock signal isn’t channel dependent, so it functions even without any other MIDI data being involved.

Yes, multiple synths work fine and receive notes from my DAW.

Well, I’m stuck! Sorry, maybe someone else can chime in.