Oh no help! Possible crash

I bought my Mono a while ago. I used it just a bit. Then I moved and had to store it for a while. It was surely subject to freezing temps. Now I’ve got my studio back together and I can’t spend quality time really learning it. It only makes a soft click and low noise type sound on repeat. All the lights blink in a pattern that looks like it might be playing but not. I dunno, none of the knobs make a difference, not even the volume knob. I need help, is there a firmware or factory reset that might get it going?

Pretty bummed, I emailed Norand and no answer after almost a month. I’ve tried different power supplies and leaving it to warm up for a long time. Multiple calibration attempts. Pretty bummed that there’s no support.

did you try once? maybe it wasnt registered. i would try to send another mail

i dont know what you tried already. i would just try resetting/uploading a new firmware

this device involves a bit of fiddling

I’ve tried installing the last two versions of the firmware provided in the download as well as the boot loader. I also tried letting it warm up and calibrating the oscillators/lfos. I also did the memory wipe.