Octave up/down not working (semitones only)


this might be a silly question but i really miss this in the workflow and can’t find an answer in the manual (like many others, but that beside).

I want to easily be able to octave up/down a step in my sequencer, the manual tells me that I have to select that step (I press and keep pressing it) and then just push UP or DOWN buttons to do that.

When I do this, this only transposes the stap a semi tone up and down?

Thanks for respons,


Yes, it is very annoying!!!

It worked like it should first when I got it, but after fw update it’s not doing it anymore : (

Please fix if possible!

Hi Tajnost,

I got a respond through email and apparently the manual is wrong. Will be adjusted soon.
So only semi-tones; no octave jumps (unfortunately)!


It was like this before in first fw versions, and I guess it was much better solution, why they decided to change it - no idea