Norand Mono MK2 - Pattern selection gets stuck on bank B

Possibly user error, I am a Norand noob. When I select bank B, and try to select a pattern that I’ve created, I find that my patterns are blank, and am stuck there and cannot switch back to bank A or any other. Pressing the pattern button and/or the bank buttons has no effect. The unit seems frozen, because none of the note keys work either. Only a restart will reset it. So for now, bank B is unavailable. I’ve tested it on the other blank banks C and D, and have no issues.
Is this familiar to anyone?

I had something like that before but I think it was my user error, like trying to switch patterns by not being in pattern mode and then loosing completely in a wrong menu : )

Also maybe your patterns in B weren’t saved properly. I lost many patterns by no saving it : )

After learning Mono more and more and being more “thoughtful” those things stop to happen. But try to send a message to support, they are very fast with reply, also attaching video of the issue helps a lot.

Thank you, I will send support a message.