New to Mono MK2 CV clock problem

Hallo, I’m new to Mono MK2. I have just purchased the unit. I have a question. I would like to sync it to CV. So I set it to clock mode with SEQ 4.
I put in a cable with a clock signal. But Mono doesn’t recognize the clock and doesn’t play. I have tried with other devices and the same clock source and they are working fine.
What am I doing wrong?

(I only have a mk1, but)
Looks like you have to toggle it from the MIDI/Clock page… the 4th option:

  • CV [SEQ 4] : Mono uses its CV clock input as clock. In this mode, each step is triggered by an incoming pulse signal at the CV clock input, and the pattern restarts everytime a pulse is received at the reset input. Note that when using CV clock, some features of Mono can’t work : microshift, ratchet, and swing. This mode really shines when using a weird semi-random clock source like a Make Noise Wogglebug.

…sometime you have to put it INTO this mode, then toggle it OUT of this mode, then back INTO it for it to “stick”

Thank you, soundsubs! Yes, on the MK2 it is the SEQ 4 setting.
I have already tried to set it, unset it and set it again.
No chance, does not react to CV unfortunately.
While other gear of mine reacts to the same source.
And the setting seems to be per preset. Because it resets every time I change the preset… Which is also strange…

I’m not saying it doesn’t work, but I wonder if it needs a greater than +5V signal?
I wonder if it will trigger off of audio for example?