Mono - Question about holding Func


I’ve only had my mono a couple of days but wanted to check how some of the behaviour is supposed to work. The manual says “…you can hold the [FUNC] key, the potentiometer LED intensity will reflect the modulation of each parameter”. When I do this on a default patch (after pressing delete & record) almost all the knobs are lit. If there’s nothing set up with xmod/xenv yet shouldn’t all the knob lights be off? Or an I reading something wrong?

If you hold the FUNC key, it shows how a knob is modulated. For example, when I apply a slow LFO (X-MOD) on the wave of OSC1, the LED changes slowy. At the same time, my cutoff in a patch pulsates very quickly, meaning that there’s a fast modulator applied (you can lock this view in my triple-clicking FUNC). When you hold FUNC and wiggle one knob, you don’t change it’s parameters, but just activated it - and at the same time, you can see which X-MOD or X-ENV modulates this specific knob (you can’t see the speed of the parameters, but you can change them and always UNDO = FUNC + Accent if you don’t like the result).


Yeah I understand that, but I don’t get why on a default patch holding down Func will cause all the knobs to be lit. Surely if no modulation is applied, all knobs should be unlit? That’d make it much easier to understand where modulations are happening, and make modulated knobs stand out better IMO.

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Maybe is a bug or intentionally?

I have tested the scenario this knobs without X-MOD and/or X-ENV:

If I turn all the knobs WAVE, DETUNE, FM, OSC1, OSC2, CUTOFF, VOLUME, … at 0% (full left), they don’t light when FUNC is hold. Only OSC1FREQ and OSC22FREQ lights always, and ENV_AMOUNT has to be centered (50% middle) to don’t lit.

But when I hold FUNC and move a knob that is at 0% (full left) , it doesn’t lights when I release FUNC and I hold FUNC again.

At the beginning I was thinking if a knob lit when no X_ENV or/and X-MOD is set if it indicates that the position of the knob isn’t the same as the configured preset #1. When you are moving from one preset to another.