Mono Mk2 Presets?

Am I correct that the currently shipping version of the Mono Mk2 contains 1 preset?

Yeah! Noticed the same thing, and other posts for MK1 had indicated at least a few presets already… I noticed the microSD card had some on there, but not consistently starting from preset1 (none loaded for me except 1).

I asked them to send me a sysx or zip with factory presets thinking I had somehow nuked them but haven’t heard back yet

I found this in an earlier thread

But given the use of the SD card on the mk2 I realized I was not sure if a sysex transfer was the right way to get them onto the new device…

Did you get any more information regarding presets? And indeed getting/installing the latest firmware for the Mk2? I have only just dropped a line to Mathieu at Norand

My Norand Mono mk2 SD card is dead. Does anyone have the factory contents of the SD card? Is it enough to copy it to the SD card?

Same here. Any chance to get the factory presets for MK2?