MK 2 - Pitchbend cc control data only results in single note jump

Hi - just got the MK2 and im loving it - i paired the mono up with a midikeyboard because i like to be able to do instant octave changes - one thing i discovered though and a little disapointing is the way the mono responds to incoming pitchbend data - the mono simply just jumps to a note instead of doing a continiuous pitchbend glide as you wold normally expect - am i doing something wrong here? Yes i checked for stepped vs continious data recording

ok so ive looked into it again - its pretty strange - so instead of widening the pitchbend range from 1-16 from 1 it does pitchbend but the higher the number the more it seems to just - how can i put this - uncurve the bend - so it feels like it just “jumps” to the note - all within the range of 1 semitone.