MIDI Host Power

On the MKII, is the USB MIDI host port supposed to provide power to a connected device? I was hoping to use my little Keith McMillen K-Board (USB-C) connected directly into the Mono; however, it does not power up when I connect the two. Do I need to provide more power to the Mono? I’m not using the power unit that came with the Mono as it has a EU plug and I’m in Australia but it’s a 2.4Amp Apple charger so I think it’s plenty is it not? Do I need to go through a powered hub of some sort?

I emailed Mathieu and he responded:

No, the USB host port does not provide power, we should probably clear this out in the manual !

I’m going to try using a small powered USB hub that passes data through to see if it will power the keyboard whilst passing MIDI data through to the synth. I know, at least with USB2, there were these sort of power injector cables that would split power and data for power hungry devices. I don’t know if there is something similar for USBC but may have a look around for that as well as a simpler solution.