Localization of modulations in MK2 - a big difference to MK1. Need help


In MK1 it is possible to localize all modulations by clicking 3 x times on the Funct button and change the modulation accordingly. This is no longer possible with MK2. When the Funct button is pressed 3 times, nothing is displayed, no diode lights up. It is then super tiring to find out the modulation by going into each function and checking whether X or Y envelope is on it. Sometimes I can’t find it at all. For example, I had a sound today where there was definitely an LFO on it but all the buttons were through and X and Y were at zero but there was still an LFO coming from somewhere on the filter or FM. This could be found much faster in the MK1.
Can someone tell me how I can do this with the MK2?
There is nothing new in the manual. I have the new FW loaded today.


Hey, I’m pretty sure that the visualization mode you speak of was patched out in firmware version 2.0 on the MK1 so I don’t think it would be possible on the MK2 with newer firmware.


Not really sharp lightning as I was used to when pressing the funct knob 3 times. :frowning:

Do you have any other suggestions on how I can zero or find modulations that are not obviously displayed? It’s now the third pattern on the mk2 where nothing is lit but the VCF or FM is modulating but for goodness sake, they are both at zero. Could I have activated a different mode that was not available in MK1?

Im having this issue too. often times it becomes difficult → impossible to locate a modulation that can be heard but not seen in either the mod env or LFOs and clearing the modularions doesnt seem to fix it.

I am also trying to figure out how to fully init a pattern. DELETE + RECORD seems to clear some but not all parts of a pattern. im using Mono MK2 firmware 1.1.1
thank you