Is the morphos abandoned?

No one from Norand has acknowledged the plethora of issues that us few early adopters have discovered, in months. Feels bad to have supported this and then been completely left in the dark since its release. Please show up on the modwiggler post or comment here. Someone mentioned you offered to repair it for a price , is that option available to all of the beta testers?

Hello !

Morphos is absolutely not abandoned ! Here is a copy/paste of my reply on Modwiggler :

Hello everyone,

This is Mathieu from Norand !
Let me start by letting you know that all of your feedback, here or on our forum, have been dully noted. Although I don’t participate on forums because I know it to be very time consuming, and I try to optimize my time to do as much as possible on the products! I take user feedback and suggestions very seriously, I hope you can believe me on this, as I have always strived to nurture the firmwares following these suggestions.

Although I usually don’t post I want to address the issues of Morphos to acknowledge it publicly. Know that we are always available to answer your questions via email. You know where to find us !


  • First, the one MAJOR issue, that is entirely my fault : Morphos screw holes are slightly out of alignment, making it hard to mount for some users. This is due to the factory not following our final drawings followed by a not thorough enough QC. Unfortunately we couldn’t launch straight away a replacement batch as the factory refused to take responsability (we dumped them), and we simply didn’t have the cashflow to start a new batch. We will start a new batch in the spring with double the amount of panels. And we will ship replacement panel for free for those who need it, even if it is requested after the warranty expire.
  • Second, the TZFM bleed : I never thought this would be such a large issue because during initial testing and beta, nobody (including myself) thought of it as an issue, butt rather more like part of Morphos’ sound, I was clearly wrong. This unfortunately cannot be fixed by software, but upgrading some components does the trick. Since it was widely requested we will do the upgrade on the next batch (and increase the module price by 40$ to offset the additional cost). For early adopters, we offer an upgrade plan to do the upgrade for a small fee to offset shipping and component cost, depending of where you live.
  • The stability : Morphos drifts ±3 cents in normal condition. This is absolutely unavoidable with this discrete design. Only an on-chip analog oscillator like the 3340 (which is now the default on most analog VCO) can beat that. I will add a note to the feature section to make sure future buyer are aware of it, in case it is a no go.


  • A new firmware version (1.1) will be released at the end of the month, including the following : parameterised Fine knob range, SandH XMod, calibration improvment, UI sugar (LED shows parameter value and LFO speed), and more !

If you have any questions, please contact us privately via email, we ALWAYS reply! I hope you understand the reason I am not active on the forums …



What’s up with the Morphos faceplate? Anyone have any recent information about this?
Having the Morpos in the rack totally fucks up the alignment.

Does anyone have any news on the Morphos faceplates? Norand promised to provide ones with correct placements for the screw holes…