Freezing when using ableton

Multiple freezes when using Ableton. I have the current firmware on it. If you skip to a different section it bricks out and you have to turn off and then back on. Lose everything if it’s not saved

I’m using Logic and just had the same thing. I’m using this thing for live performances and if it’s hanging this frequently, forcing a reboot, I’ll be forced to leave it at home! I’m using the MK1 and it does not hang, but the MK2 which I received -today- has hung 3 times in the past couple of hours.

Anyhow, I too put the current firmware on the unit and calibrated it. So far seem like it is unstable. :frowning:

my Mono was crashing similar to the above anecdotes, when slaved to MTC via Ableton. I updated the firmware and havent had a crash since… been many hours of use since. …

I have the current firmware, usb into my Mac directly. Triggering start stop button with Ableton. It freezes all the time

I am syncing via a Multiclock box sending Midi Time Code to the Norand, not via Mac USB , so perhaps the issue is there…

I wonder if this is because of a MIDI feedback loop?
In other words, the hardware is sending MIDI info (notes, MIDI CC’s, program changes) which go out to your DAW (Ableton or Logic) and that gets echoed back to the Norand?

I honestly only use my Norand mk1 in MIDI Clock Slave mode, so not USB