Firmware 2.1.2r causing problems

Hi, I’ve installed this 2ce and having problems.

Firmware installs, calibration runs fine by then it’s basically unusable when it starts up. Hit run and it freezes after about 5s of playback and has to be rebooted.

Synth engine is outputting random stuff when I send MIDI notes to it from a DAW. Record + Delete doesn’t reset the patch.

Anyone else had similar problems?



I have midi problems with my norand mk1 too, i use it with Fruity Loops sending midi CC and notes, i think they is conflict betwin the machine and the CCs when touching pots and receiving midi CC, plus, i never find a way to make slides in the norand from my DAW.

I remember i have tryed to just use my DAW to send notes, and use the machine to make automations, but i had conflicts too and impossible to delete automations or reset patch.

I have the 2.1.2r instaled too, but i have this problem since day one with the machine (september 2022).

If someone have any idea of how to solve this it would be wonderful !

Sorry for my english

Hi, unfortunately norand support, does not read forum messages.
Contact them directly via this link