Delete Pattern Not Working? Did I change a setting maybe?

Hello, just got my mono mkii so naturally there’s a few initial barriers, unfortunately I’m a bit of a completist so I can get very stuck at small things before I understand the device.

I would like to delete all of the patterns except for one. I tap [pattern] and enter pattern mode, then I hold down [delete] and press the corresponding pattern number but nothing. I also tried to copy and paste an empty pattern but no dice. I swear I did this exact thing before and now I don’t understand.

I’ve scoured the manual and it says again to do as I am, hold delete and press the pattern

Having fun so far, but messing up the clock documentation has made me distrustful haha!

Any tips? is there a secret setting? Some sort of ‘lock’ mode by a different name that I can search docs for?

Thank you mono people, looking forward to some mono action

Hi Lulu,
my last MONO MKII also had some issues where thing first were ok and then didn´t work anymore so therefore before you investigate into this you should update the FW:

Simply overwrite it with the one which is on the SD card right now and start the device. This new FW fixes a lot of bugs.


@emode Apparently I can’t read the sd card through any of the usbc slots so I would have to find a friend with an sd reader. thanks for the link and comment!