Default volume way too loud

Is there a way to make the default volume lower upon starting the mono? One of the first things I have to do everytime I start playing with it is to func + volume cause the starting volume is so loud of it!



how I manage this - save all patterns with quite low pattern volume, and just don’t care about master level

actually, I don’t get why can’t we have just normal master volume WHICH WORKS : ) like on every other synth. never had a problem with volume on 303 or Buchla or any Elektron machine or any other groovebox… here we have 2 volume controls, and for some reason master volume is controllable with a key combo… well…

i can live with that, but it’s not perfect by any means


I very much agree with this.

The volume is always too loud when starting up the Mono. And the two volume options feel back to front; master volume should be the default, with patch volume being the secondary shift option.

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I join you all, it’s not normal to have such a loud gain.

I would like this to be possible in a future update, because it is very annoying to retouch the master volume each time you start. If this is not possible for technical reasons, an option would be added to reduce the output gain of -10db.


Totally… same with Live mode for me… I would really love to have an option to set Live Mode as default on startup, because otherwise I turn on Mono, touch anything on the panel and immediately ruin saved pattern. Each time in a fear turning it on… want to put a big label on it “DON’T FORGET TURN ON LIVE MODE!”