Curve mode and automation


I’m a new Mono V2 user and apart from a few glitches and freezes am really loving this machine.

I’m especially loving playing with the automation and curve mode, however I’d prefer to sequence the Mono through an external sequencer and can’t figure out a best practice here.

At the moment I can record automations only when the internal mono sequencer is running and this records notes as well as automations. My question (finally) is… when sequencing through midi, is it possible to record automations without recording notes in?

If I turn off record mode and delete the notes the automation remains which makes me think this is possible even if not yet implemented. If this feature isn’t possible then can I add it to the feature requests?

Also, does anyone know a quick way to delete all automations. Something like - Function + Delete + Up/Curve?


The MK2 manual says that parameters can be controlled via CC and even transmit those. But I cannot seem to make it transmit and I have not tried to make it receive.

“Mono synth and modulation parameters can be edited via control change message, it is also possible to select the active parameter via CC. Potentially, the synth engine can be entirely controlled via MIDI. It is also possible to send the parameter automation with the [PARAM SND] setting, on the same CC. This is disabled by default.”

Yeah, can probably be done over CC, but I want to control automation on the Norand Mono itself - but send step/note data over Midi. However to record automations, you also need to record step/note data as far as I can tell.