Copy and Paste Sequences and sound

Been trying to copy patterns
to other pattern spots noticed that
I have to stop sequencer in order for it to work
and that it does not copy the sound only the pattern
is there a way to copy and paste patterns while the sequencer is running and also copy the sound settings?

I am also noticing this or similar behaviour, trying to copy + paste patterns, following the manual instructions on my Mono MK2 that is about a month old with the Firmware that was shipped with the unit. the behaviour seems buggy / incomplete.

So, it used to work this way but for some reason is no longer working. There’s a workflow for copying the pattern and the sound separately and it does work, but is a PIA.

I’m hoping they will address this in a future firmware update. copy/pasting a pattern SHOULD, by default, copy the sound too. What’s worse, is that it seems to make it a patchless pattern.

Hoping for an update on this!