Calibration MK2


How can I calibrate the oscillators on the MK2? I’m holding down the C and D keys while restarting, but nothing happens. Is this a bug, or is there another method.
I’m asking here because unfortunately the company’s support hasn’t responded for weeks :frowning:

Okay, I now know how to calibrate it. It turns out the key combination is different on the MK2 compared to the MK1 (you have to hold down ‘unlink’ and ‘to xmod’). I found the answer from a user’s comment on the forum…

But this hasn’t solved my problem. After calibration, it still sounds bad, out of tune, noisy… So I reinstalled the firmware. For a couple of minutes, it sounded calibrated again, but after three minutes, it was back to being out of tune, noisy, etc. Could my machine be damaged? I’m going to write to support, but I’ve been waiting for more than two weeks for a response to another issue that, fortunately, I managed to resolve thanks to a user.