Calibration does not work

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This is more of a bug report, but I’m unable to run the system calibration nor the resonance calibration. I was excited to see Resonance Calibration because I suspect the resonance is set lower on MK2 than on MK1. I’m hoping I can match the sound with MK1.

I should add that I’m using the 1.0.6r for my MK2. Still, neither calibration boot sequence appears to work. Maybe I’m doing it wrong?

Is anyone else able to run the calibration of the MK 2? both my MK2 and MK1 are up to date on their respective firmware. But only the MK1 will run the calibration procedure. MK2 just ends immediately and continues to work.

ugh. Ok, so I had somehow opened up the wrong version of the documentation and for even weirder reasons they use different twin key press and hold during power for MK2 vs MK1. I really hope that there’s better unity between these functions in the future. It is really confusing. I SWEAR, I thought I was looking at the correct documentation.

MK2 users, please use [Unlink] and [To XMod] buttons during power up to calibrate. and [Type] and [Wave] are for Resonance calibration.

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Hi, Eluxtria

I’ve updated my mono mk1 with the firmware 2.1.1 and now it’s impossible of calibrate the resonance. hold [C#] + [D#], and turn it back on does not work anymore.

Can you confirm this on your mk1 ?

This just tripped me up too. Thanks for pushing me towards the correct docs :slight_smile:

Mk1 and Mk2 use different button presses to trigger calibration processes. Be sure you are reading the correct documentation for the hardware you own. I have both Mk1+Mk2 which is why I was confused. I assumed they would both use the same button presses. It is a bit odd isnce 90% of the buttons do the exact same thing on both units.

The calibration of resonance work for you on MK1 with the lasted firmware ?

Calibration doesn’t work for me on MKI - 2.1.1

Thank you Valentin for the confirmation. I contacted the support a week ago and I still have no response.

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Coming in here to say that Resonance Calibration isn’t working on my Mk1 either. I’m on either 2.0 or 2.1 - I got this used and the seller wasn’t 100% sure of the exact version number but it’s at least 2.0.

I was sure that I had done the calibration post 2.0. I’m hesitant to try it again since I like how it sounds at the moment. I also did not try resonance calibration since I like the resonance character as-is on my Mk1.

I did successfully calibrate resonance (well, at least I think I did) on the Mk2. I was hoping that it would make it sound more like the Mk1’s resonance. It is noticeably different but the analog circuit work was a complete rework, so maybe not that surprising the character would change a bit.

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