Bug When copy/pasting pattern

I was trying to edit an existing pattern (saved in SEQ 8), without loosing the original patch. So I loaded the pattern I wanted to edit, I edited the patch - without saving, and when I got to an interesting result, I copied the pattern and pasted in the next slot (in SEQ 9), and I saved the pattern in SEQ 9. Till here all is fine, and seems to be a handy method to improve patterns and create songs.

But now I wanted to com back to the original pattern in SEQ 8, and have the newly saved in SEQ 9.
So I reload the project (the only way I have found to reload patterns). The problem is that now patterns and patched in SEQ 8 and in SEQ 9 are the same! Seems that when copy/pasting the pattern, the patterns gets automatically, and not -voluntary, saved.

Working from memory right now, so factor that in, but when you save, you are saving the project, which is all patterns. Since you changed 8 and then copied to 9, they are saved in the last state (I think). My suggestion, don’t change 8 next time, copy to 9 first, and change it there. Then when you save, you’ll have the original on 8 and the revised on 9. I hope that’s what you meant, and is helpful.

Thank you @Hans303, that makes all the sense.
I wonder if there is a way to save only a pattern instead of the whole project.