Best Firmware for Mono Mk1

Hey guys

I’m switched from Mk2 to mk1 - seems the mk2 firmware is nowhere near production ready and I prefer the UI of the mk1 anyway.

What’s the best firmware option for the mk1?

I’ve tried v2.1.1 which was a mess, wrecked all the presets and kept crashing, so I rolled back to v1.9.9 which came in the same release bundle.

Is v1.9.9 the recommended fw for now?

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I think I use V2.0.2r :thinking:
I haven’t updated in a while

It’s very important to communicate all the problems directly to Matthieu via email (

It seems that nobody from Norand watches the forum…

It would be cool that if we talk here about MK1 firmware problems we also always talk about the communication we have with Norand about those problems

So, first contact Norand and then write about it here

It would be great to know, how good communication with Norand is these days. I always got fast replies, but it’s quite a while ago since I contacted Norand for the last time

Don’t worry - I’ve contacted them already :wink:

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I got reasonably fast replies (Within a week) but not really any confidence boosting signs that the issues were recognised or repeatable on their side…

great! some features don’t seem to work with 2.0.2r but it’s not crashing. at least for me

Nice - I might try that version soon. Where can we get the download zip for that release though, any ideas?

I got my v1.9.9 from the 2.1.1 bundle

I think you have to write Mathieu :no_mouth:
I just had a look and don’t have that version anymore on my disks

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