Factory Presets gone after Firmware V1.2.3r-LED’s won’t stop blinking-HELP!

Hi Community!

Just updated Mono to firmware V1.2.3r. Original owner base version was the initial 2021 launch version.
I used Sysex Librarian, Set “pause…” to 7ms (lowest I could manage to one ms).
After the update, it looks like it’s behaving oddly.
LED lights are non-stop blinking at reduced brightness.

I’ve lost the factory presets. And overall functionality seems weird.
I can’t recall projects/patterns or run them.

The sequencer lane is inoperable. None of the steps activate.

How can I get this restored?


The factory patterns have been linked in other recent threads, and are pretty easy to restore.

As for the odd behavior, I’d use the contact form to get support directly: Norand

There is also a v.1.99 which has improved handling of project transfers via SysEx, but is otherwise (I think) generally the same as 1.2.3r. If I remember right, you can download it as part of the v.2 betas, just ignore those unless you really want them.

Yep! Contacted Norand and got firmware v1.99

Cleared corrupt memory-via F# combo keys
Applied fresh patch.

Thanks I’ll look for patches here

Great, glad to hear.

Here’s one of the places the download is linked: Default patterns (on factory unit) - Norand

Awesome! Thanks so much!